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Frequently Asked Questions

A Psychiatrist is a certified medical professional that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental illness and psychological problems.  A Psychiatrist has completed medical school, in addition to at least four years of training in the field.  Psychiatrists are not only trained to diagnose and manage mental illness, but are also adept at providing psychotherapy.  Certain specializations within Psychiatry require additional years of training and qualification.  Within the profession, each Psychiatrist has specific areas of interest and specialization but has the skills to provide treatment from multiple approaches.  

We will meet for an extensive interview and psychiatric evaluation in which we will discuss some information such as your history, symptoms, and family dynamics.  Within this first session together, we will then determine the best plan of action to move forward.

Confidentiality is very important and something taken very seriously in the office.  No information regarding what happens within the work that we do together will be revealed unless you have signed the Authorization to Disclose Information form.  In that case, only the specific information we agree upon will be released and only to the party you have specified.  In the instance that you are in danger of harming yourself or another, then I am obligated by law to alert authorities. 

There are no precise determinations that I can make regarding the length of your treatment.  Generally speaking, the longer you have had your mental illness not medically acknowledged, the longer the treatment will take.  Certain conditions do not require a lot of time to treat, and others considerably more.  Certain mental illnesses require just a couple of visits, and others require life long maintenance.  I believe that you should seek treatment as soon as possible, for the best outcome.  

We will discuss guidance and protocols to adhere to both inside and outside of the office.  Follow the treatment regimen and plan of action prescribed.  Make sure that you follow the medication regimen, attend the  psychotherapy and counseling sessions, and keep your life as balanced as you can.  It is very important to try and avoid stressful situations, let your loved ones help you whenever possible, and seek help the moment you feel like your mental illness is coming back or getting worse.

Psychiatrist is the only mental health professionals who can prescribe medications for psychological problems. Not all medications given are life long, in fact majority of the patient treated for psychiatry problems get off their medications in due course of time or are off medications when they are fine. Some patients may have to take medications for considerable period of time and even lifelong but they form a smaller portion of the patients seen by psychiatrists.

Remember that many physical illnesses too need medication for lifelong like diabetes, hypertension.


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