Post-Discharge Support

Choose Recovery, Choose Life

It’s Often A Happy Occasion When A Loved One Gets Discharged From The Hospital. But Then Comes The Question: What Next? In Order To Get Your Loved One Feeling Their Best As Soon As Possible Post-Hospitalisation, A Post-Discharge Care Plan Is Crucial. This Process Of Identifying And Preparing For A Loved One’s Health Care Needs Once They Leave The Hospital Involves The Patient, Family And Medical Professionals Involved. Not Only Will A Good Post-Discharge Plan Make Your Loved One’s Transition From Hospital To Home Smoother And Easier, It’ll Also Reduce The Risk Of Complications That Could Result In A Re-Hospitalisation.

Post-Hospitalization Procedures

For All Patients, Their Discharge Date Will Be Decided By The Doctor In-Charge. On Discharge Day Itself, The Hospital Will Recommend That The Patient Has A Family Member Or Friend On-Site To Accompany Them Home. Before Leaving The Hospital, You Will Receive The Following:

  • A Discharge Summary And Medical Certificate (If Necessary)
  • Care Information Or Instructions
  • Referrals For Care Arrangements Or Follow-Up Treatment
  • Medication Prescribed By The Pharmacist


As Part Of The Discharge Process, The Hospital Staff Will Assist You In Arranging For Any Follow-Up Appointments At A Specialist Outpatient Clinic And Will Dispense Any Medication Prescribed. They Will Also Run You And/Or Your Loved One Through Any Basic Self-Care Procedures They Should Follow At Home. A Medical Social Worker Will Also Be Assigned To Work With You On The Continuing Care Plan For Your Loved One. They Will Also Help Link You To The Community Resources Available To Help Your Loved One Navigate The Road To Recovery.