Asheten Psychiatry And Rehabilitation Center
We Provide High Quality, Comprehensive, Standardized Psychiatry, Psychotherapy And Rehabilitation Services
Asheten psychiatry and rahabilitation center
We Provide High Quality, Comprehensive, Standardized Psychiatry, Psychotherapy And Rehabilitation Services
best psychiatry center in Ethiopia
Who we are

We passionately care for your Mental Health.

Asheten psychiatry and rehabilitation specialized center is an organ of Asheten health services trading PLC established to be the best psychiatry center in Ethiopia by experienced mental health and medical specialists.

We are providing high quality, comprehensive, standardized, evidence based and patient centered mental health services that include all range of psychiatry, psychotherapy and rehabilitation interventions by:

  • Teams of Mental Health Professional for Psychiatry Care
  • Team of Psychotherapists and
  • Rehabilitation Professionals
What we offer

A Personalized and Comfortable Mental Health Care​

speaking Therapy

Speech Therapy

Helps you to improves your ability to talk and use other language skills

Business man

Occupational Therapy

Helps You Live Your Best Life At Home, At Work And Everywhere Else.


Marriage counseling

Help Couples To Resolve Conflicts And Improve Their Relationships


Alcohol & Drug Rehab

The Intent Is To Enable The Patient To Confront Substance Dependence


Child Psychiatry

Many Focused On Helping Child And Adolescent Mental Health Disorders


Music Therapy

Use Of Music To Heal From Traumas By Accredited Professionals


Yoga Therapy

The Adaptation Of Yoga Practices For People With Health Challenges


Family Therapy

An Evidence-Based Intervention For Adults And Children With BD

Why Choose Us

We are the best psychiatry center in Ethiopia

Our Psychiatry And Rehabilitation Center Is A Comprehensive, State-of-the-art Facility That Offers A Wide Range Of Services For People With Mental Health Disorders. We Are Committed To Providing Our Patients With The Highest Quality Care In A Safe And Supportive Environment.


To provide comprehensive, compassionate, and evidence-based mental health care to people of all ages.


To be a leading provider of mental health care that is accessible, affordable, and effective.

Core Value

We are committed to providing our patients with compassionate care that meets their individual needs.

Clients Review

What they say about us

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Abebe Tola Designation

The facility was clean and well-maintained, and the atmosphere was calming and peaceful.

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Rebcca Zerihun Designation

The treatments I received were tailored to my individual needs, and I could tell that the staff truly cared about my wellbeing.

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Petros G/hiwot Designation

I am so grateful for the care I received at Asheten psychiatry center, and I would highly recommend them

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Rebcca Zerihun Designation

I would like to call Asheten best in the city psychiatry and rehabilitation services provider.